My name is Randa Al-Assadi. I am a senior at Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Indiana. In May I will be receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Administration.

I am originally from Iraq. My parents, my three siblings and I lived together in Baghdad until 2006, when civil unrest forced my family to flee to Damascus, Syria. I was uprooted from my academic studies at Al-Nahrian University, School of Architectural Engineering I was attending.

As a refugee in Syria, I was unable to continue my education. I lost hope. At the same time, I wanted very badly to find a way to finish my studies. So I worked hard studying English and applying to colleges in the United States of America. Eventually I got a scholarship to come and finish my education here. Throughout my journey, I maintained my faith in God and in myself.

The opportunity to complete my studies at Holy Cross College has strengthened my faith and given me hope. Furthermore, I consider Holy Cross College, its students, faculty and staff to be my family.

My theme is "Successful, International, Woman of Faith" I have chosen this theme because soon I will be graduating from one of the best colleges in U.S.A., and that is one of the most important goals for my life. Also, my theme gives you a hint that I am not a traditional studen; I am an international student studying in the U.S.A.

Please feel free to look through my eFolio and see my learning experiences at Holy Cross College.

Thank you for visiting my eFolio.